14 Jan 2017

American Samoa taskforce set up to review revenue

10:36 am on 14 January 2017

A taskforce has been created to review all revenue generating measures of the American Samoa Government.

Governor Lolo Moliga says legal measures for the generation and collection of revenues for the American Samoa Government were enacted years ago.

But he says economic and business dynamics have changed continuously, compelling doubt over their legal sufficiency with respect to maximising revenue generation.

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Governor Lolo is keen to iron out any wrinkles in revenue generation Photo: RNZI / Monica Miller

The governor says that in the last four years, an assessment of revenue measures has been carried out and as a result changes have been made, for example an increase in business licensing fees and a reduction in corporate tax rates.

However he still feels a further review is needed.

The taskforce will recommend amendments to existing revenue generating legislation found to be obsolete and irrelevant.

The seven person taskforce will be chaired by Attorney General Talauega Eleasalo Ale and will submit their report by February 25.