Fritch reshuffles French Polynesia government

6:00 am on 16 January 2017
New government line-up in French Polynesia

New government line-up in French Polynesia Photo: French Polynesia's Presidency

The French Polynesian president Edouard Fritch has re-shuffled his cabinet after two ministers indicated they wanted to quit.

Patrick Howell, who quit the health portfolio to run for a seat in the French legislature, has been replaced by Jacques Raynal.

The works ministry, which had been run by Albert Solia, has gone to Luc Faatau.

Nicole Bouteau has become the new tourism minister.

She had the portfolio in 2001 in the government led by Gaston Flosse but quit a year later to form her own party, which briefly had an assembly presence.

Mrs Bouteau's assembly seat is expected to go to the next on the ruling party's list, Jules Ienfa, but he is yet to commit to returning to the assembly.