Papeete Accords due to be signed within months

2:52 pm on 18 January 2017

France has confirmed that it will sign the so-called Papeete Accords with French Polynesia before the end of Francois Hollande's term as president to recognise the nuclear legacy.

French President Francois Hollande has dropped plans to strip militants convicted of terror attacks of their French nationality.

Outgoing French President Francois Hollande Photo: AFP

This was announced by the territory's French High Commissioner Rene Bidal in Paris.

The Accords provide the creation of a memorial, the clean-up of the former military base on Hao atoll as well as the compensation for the victims of the French nuclear weapons tests carried out in the South Pacific between 1966 and 1996.

The Accords are also slated to create real equality between the French mainland and French Polynesia whose economy is lagging behind.

Last year, French Polynesia's president Edouard Fritch said the Papeete Accords would redefine the relationship which he said he would like to tie into the framework of the United Nations.

This is to counter the 2013 reinscripton of French Polynesia on the UN decolonisation list, which France has refused to recognise.