CNMI mulls part-time legislature

4:21 pm on 16 February 2017

A lawmaker in the Northern Marianas says he wants to turn the legislature into a part-time one, arguing that it could save taxpayers lots of money.

Saipan in the Northern Marianas.

Saipan in the Northern Marianas. Photo: Supplied

This is not the first time a part-time legislative body has been mulled, but the impetus of the latest call appears to come after a new law that increase lawmakers' salaries by 80 percent.

Edwin Propst said a part-time legislature could save the Commonwealth a large chunk of money as currently $US1.4 million is paid in lawmakers' salaries each a year.

Mr Propst said several state legislatures in the United States had been using the scheme.

Sixteen states have part-time legislatures, including Georgia, Kansas, Montana, New Mexico, Utah, Vermont and Wyoming.