20 Feb 2017

Man fined for gun joke at Vanuatu airport

3:17 pm on 20 February 2017

A Vanuatu court has fined a man $US500 for joking about having a gun in his bag at Port Vila's airport.

About 45 percent of the weapons seized at courts last year were from Christchurch. (file photo)

Photo: 123rf

The French citizen had arrived from New Caledonia for a holiday with his family and made the joke while going through airport security.

He was charged with disrupting or alarming conduct at an airport, a violation of the country's Aviation Security Act, which carries a maximum fine of $US3,800.

The man pleaded guilty to the offence and in setting the fine at $US500 the judge noted the man is a regular visitor to Vanuatu and had contributed to the country's economy.