22 Feb 2017

Pasifika Film Festival comes to NZ capital

7:05 pm on 22 February 2017

The Pasifika Film Festival is being held this week in New Zealand's capital for the first time, showcasing 26 films, made by Pacific filmmakers, about Pacific people.

The festival started in Australia in 2013 and has since increased in popularity.

Last week it visited Auckland and it is being hosted this week at Wellington's Embassy theatre until Sunday.

Festival co-director Nigel Vagana said it had always been his dream to help showcase and support the talent that exists among Pacific communities.

The co-director of the Pasifika Film Festival, Nigel Vagana

The co-director of the Pasifika Film Festival, Nigel Vagana Photo: Pasifika Film Festival

Mr Vagana said the films were grouped into three categories including short-films, documentaries and feature films.

"There is a film there on climate change. There is a film there on healthy oceans. There is a film on fa'afafine and trans-gender," he said.

"There is a lot of different types of films and then you have got your feature films, your big, go through your popcorn and your ice-cream type films and watch a story.

"We wanted to cater for all of our people being able to showcase their uniqueness in the one area at the one time."

Mr Vagana said there had also been requests to take the event across the Pacific.