23 Feb 2017

Fiji TV journalist's job shift questioned

12:54 pm on 23 February 2017

The Fijian Media Association says it is exhausting all strategies to ensure a journalist with the local broadcaster Fiji TV can continue to work freely.

Fiji TV director and CEO of Fijian Holdings Nouzab Fareed, right, and acting CEO of Fiji TV, Geoffrey Smith.

Fijian Holdings chief executive Nouzab Fareed. Photo: Ricardo Morris / Republika

It's understood the journalist Shanal Sivan has been moved off daily news reporting following a series of reports exposing government failings.

The National Federation Party alleged this was due to interference by the chief executive of the station's main shareholder Fijian Holdings Limited in collusion with the government.

The party also alleged the station had been running news without balance from opposition figures.

Fijian Holdings chief executive Nouzab Fareed said he categorically denied any wrongdoing or pressure from the government.

He said Mr Sivan was still in the same division at Fiji TV.

Mr Fareed would not say whether Mr Sivan had been moved off news reporting but he clarified that it was normal to transfer staff within the company so they could get different opportunities.

In a statement the Fijian Media Association said it was looking into the matter and seeking a meeting with FHL and Fiji TV management.