28 Feb 2017

Hopes in Cooks Moana Nui can be refloated

3:04 pm on 28 February 2017

The owner of an inter-island vessel stuck on a reef on Nassau, in the far north of the Cook Islands, is hoping the boat can be pulled off and repaired.

Taio Shipping owner Tapi Taio

Taio Shipping owner Tapi Taio Photo: RNZI/Florence Syme Buchanan

The Moana Nui, which had only been in the Cooks for four months after being delivered from Norway where it was built, ran aground in late January.

The owner, Tapi Taio, said they have had assessments done by insurance officials and are waiting on salvagers to quote on what it would cost to get the Moana Nui off the rocks.

But he said there was a limited budget for the removal.

"Now if the value exceeds all that then it is not going to be possible and that [Moana Nui] will be remaining on the island and we could be chopping it up. We are hoping we are not going to go through that and we are hoping something positive will be able to go through in the next few days."