8 Mar 2017

Samoa university expands media and journalism course

5:31 pm on 8 March 2017

The National University of Samoa is expanding its media and journalism course to become a Bachelor's degree in 2018.

journalism, radio studio

Photo: 123rf

The journalism course started as a certificate programme, then was upgraded to a diploma and next year it will be degree programme.

Samoa's Journalist Association, or JAWS, said the move recognised the important role the media now plays in everyday life in Samoa.

Its president, Apulu Lance Polu, said the degree program would improve the quality of journalism in Samoa.

"Samoa over the last 10-15 years, the explosion of the media has been so that we have the major players in society, like the churches who now run their own television and radio stations and newspapers and online stuff, so other then the privately owned media, so there is that need for the properly trained personnel to deliver that."

Apulu has also applauded the appointment of Fa'aolo Utumapu Uatailesolo, who is completely blind, as a lecturer for the degree course.

He said she was well respected in the industry and it was a positive step by the university to highlight inclusiveness.