14 Mar 2017

Call for Cook Islands inquest over woman missing at sea

7:48 pm on 14 March 2017

A former Australian police inspector is calling for a coronial inquiry into the mysterious disappearance of a woman off the Cook Islands last August.

The woman was on a yacht called the Zangano, about 40 nautical miles off Rarotonga, when she went missing.

Cook Islands police have said they were investigating but have revealed no details.

Police station in Rarotonga

Police station in Rarotonga Photo: RNZI / Mary Baines

Meanwhile they had allowed the man who was on the yacht, and who reported the woman's disappearance, to leave the country.

This came after he had tried to scuttle the yacht.

Rod Henderson, who is now a writer and a private investigator, said he did not want the woman's disappearance to be forgotten about and ignored.

"If somebody does go missing and there is no body which is the case in any sudden death situation then the coroner can petition the minister, the relevant Justice Minister, to convene an inquest. And I think that it's paramount in this case that that's what happens and the truth comes out," Rod Henderson said.