17 Mar 2017

New American Samoa ferry out of action

3:22 pm on 17 March 2017

One of the generators for the new American Samoan Government ferry, MV Manu'atele, isn't operating, forcing the multi million dollar vessel, delivered just two months ago, to ago to stay put.

US Coast Guard Chief Warrant Officer, Joe Twiddy, said the generator died during the Manu'atele's trip to Manu'a last week.

He said the boat had a second generator, however, a single generator could not carry the electrical load for the whole vessel .

Another reason why the Coast guard will not allow the MV Manu'atele to operate until the generator is fixed is that that in case of a man overboard the vessel will have difficulty operating a search and rescure without two generators.

MV Sili had also been down since taking on water after a valve was left open.

Mr Twiddy said they were working with the Port Administration and the shipyard to try and have MV Sili back in service while the Manu'atele is idle.

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