28 Mar 2017

Nauru gets new acting magistrate

1:06 pm on 28 March 2017

Nauru has appointed a lawyer from Fiji as the new acting magistrate of the District Court.

The Nauru Bulletin said Magistrate Penijamini Lomaloma was sworn in by the Acting Justice Minister Aaron Cook this month.

Nauru's Acting Magistrate Penijamini Lomaloma

Nauru's Acting Magistrate Penijamini Lomaloma Photo: Nauru Bulletin - Nauru Govt

It said he would take over from Filimoni Jitoko, who was also from Fiji, for three months until a permanent resident magistrate was appointed.

In December, Nauru's resident magistrate Emma Garo failed to get her contract renewed amid controversy over allegedly lenient sentences given to anti-government protestors.

Her predecessor Peter Law was deported in 2014.