30 Mar 2017

Solomons Kokonut Pacific downstreaming to create local jobs

6:59 pm on 30 March 2017

A Solomon Islands business which has helped improve the lives of many communities by supplying them with the tools to extract virgin coconut oil is now downstreaming to create even more local jobs.

Kokonut Pacific says its DME® system, which consists of a press kit, grater kit, dryer and ancillaries allows villagers to make the most of their coconut resources.

It said this was done right in the village within one hour of opening a coconut.

Staff from Kokonut Pacific Solomon Islands were in New Zealand over the weekend at Auckland's Pasifika festival showcasing their new value added products which included locally made soaps, hand creams and coconut insect repellant.

Kokonut Pacific company director Ewan Blair said one of the aims of the intiative was to create more jobs locally.

"So we are doing a lot of value added work now. Where the ladies that are here with us today they are manufacturing soap and insect repellants as you said. And then massaging oils and all sorts of things that are in the coconut oil baseline."

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Photo: 123rf