19 Apr 2017

Ongoing calls to improve Fiji's healthcare system

4:01 pm on 19 April 2017

There are ongoing pleas for Fiji's Minister of Health to do more to improve the country's healthcare system.

Fiji doctors are leaving

Photo: AFP

This comes amid local reports detailing hospital failings.

Mithun Permal and his wife Vishakini Lata took offence at the way their daughter's birth at Nadi Hospital was handled.

The baby died at birth but the parents said they had no feedback from medical staff for almost an hour and eventually had a verbal confrontation with them.

A video of hospital staff screaming at the father was later posted on social media.

A family friend, Pritika Kumar, said she posted the video online as proof of the dire state of the health care system, and to show the couple's treatment was rude and uncalled for.

"All the departments and hospitals in Nadi are suffering the same problem. All the patients are always complaining that the nurses are not very nice to us. Whenever we have questions or whenever we take anybody in to emergency, their behaviour is very rude to us. "

Pritika Kumar said she was pushing for change.

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