21 Apr 2017

Call to slash Fiji government top pays

4:16 pm on 21 April 2017

A Fiji opposition party says if it wins power it will cut top ministerial salaries.

The National Federation Party said it would repeal the Parliamentary Remunerations Decree and get parliament to set up an independent emoluments commission to look at salaries, perks and privileges of MPs.

It said it would slash the prime minister's pay by 25 percent.

Fiji money

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It noted that the Attorney General justified the high pays by saying they would prevent ministers from being tempted into corruption.

The prime minister earns almost $US160,000 a year and if outside Fiji, he gets a daily allowance of almost $US1,500.

The NFP said Frank Bainimarama claimed before his 2006 coup that no-one of his team would benefit from the coup, yet now he was drawing a salary twice the size of his ousted predecessor.

Fiji's minimum wage is $US1.11