25 Apr 2017

Minister asks Fiji medical staff to improve conduct

8:46 pm on 25 April 2017

Fiji's health minister is asking medical staff to be more mindful of their professional conduct in the workplace and to achieve targets set by the United Nations sustainable development goals.

Fiji doctors are leaving

Photo: AFP

The request came amid online complaints about poor treatment of patients, especially at hospitals.

The minister, Rosy Akbar, spoke to nurses at their recent annual general meeting and acknowledged their job was tough because they deal with life and death situations.

But she said it was important for Fiji to stay committed to international efforts to improve health standards.

"So the work of nurses frequently involves addressing not just illness and injury at the individual level. Much of what you do is affected by the broader social determinants of health," said Ms Akbar.

Ms Akbar also asked nursing staff not to breach social media policies, to work more collaboratively together and to exercise more patience and understanding when caring for the sick.