Crayola urged to name new color after CNMI’s blue waters

8:46 pm on 25 April 2017

A petition has been launched in the Northern Marianas urging the crayon manufacturer, Crayola, to name a new colour after Saipan's waters.

The waters near Bird Island lookout in Saipan

The waters near Bird Island lookout in Saipan Photo: RNZI / Mark Rabago

The 'Make it Saipan Blue!' campaign was initiated on the website,, in the hope that such a name would draw global attention to the United States territory.

The crayon company recently announced that it was retiring its 'Dandelion' color from its 24-pack of crayons and plans to replace it with something "in the blue family".

Aside from the crayon company, the campaign wants paint manufacturers, car makers, and other companies to offer 'Saipan Blue' as a color option.

The campaign's organisers said this would get people talking about the US territory's beauty, history, culture, and role in bringing the Second World War to an end.

Crayola said it would make a final decision in May.