Election-related violence flares in PNG Highlands

8:08 pm on 26 April 2017

A man has been shot dead and several others injured in reported election-related violence in Papua New Guinea's Highlands.

Papua New Guinea police officers watch on during a protest rally in 2013.

Papua New Guinea police officers watch on during a protest rally. Photo: AFP

The 19-year-old man was killed in Chimbu province in a clash between a group of locals and supporters of the Kerowagi member of parliament, Carmilus Dengama.

Mr Dengama and his son were caught up in the unrest and sought refuge in the police station, while six men were hospitalised.

Meanwhile, the acting police commander of the Highlands Western region, Mark Yangen, said violence on Monday in the Southern Highlands capital, Mendi, was exagerrated by local media.

Mr Yangen said a group of men confronted supporters of two local MPs at a rally.

"Then they started throwing, I don't know, bits of rubbish at one another and then finally the driver decided to take off in a vehicle," said Mr Yangen.

"People were running all over the place and someone ran over an old man, I think. The person is in hospital at the moment."

Mr Yangen said the security situation Mendi was under control.