6 May 2017

Containers floating in Fiji harbour after ship sinks

12:16 pm on 6 May 2017

A container ship, Southern Phoenix is sinking in the Suva harbour in Fiji.

Floating containers

Floating containers Photo: Fiji village

Fiji Village reports only a small portion of the ship was visible from the Suva Wharf.

More than 10 cargo containers are also floating in the water just behind a movie complex.

Ship sinking in Suva harbour.

Ship sinking in Suva harbour. Photo: Fiji village

There are more cargo containers loaded in the half-submerged ship and there is a fear that these containers may also end up floating in the water.

"Cargo containers were being loaded on the ship when the load became unbalanced and the ship tilted on one side," according to Fiji Police.

The ship was later towed out of port area by the marine tug boats.

Fiji Village reports that the details about the contents inside the cargo containers are unknown at this stage.

Containers floating in Suva harbour

Containers floating in Suva harbour Photo: Fiji Village