10 May 2017

NZ specialists conduct heart surgery in Samoa

9:15 am on 10 May 2017

A medical team from New Zealand has travelled to Samoa to give people there heart surgery.

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Photo: 123RF

The Samoa Heart Mission Trust's chair Anae Arthur Anae said more than 50 specialists have given up their time to go to Samoa.

Mr Anae said many of them had also funded their own travel.

He said their work was saving people's lives.

"Oh well it is one of those things that we know it's a very serious situation in Samoa and other Pacific Islands the number of people who die from heart disease simply because they can't afford to pay for the various kinds of operations we have. I am very grateful here to the New Zealand doctors and nurses who give up their time to try and assist these people in the Pacific. And this is from the heart and it's genuine and I am actually thrilled."

Mr Anae said, in 2009, the trust raised close to $40,000 for the mission but it had taken some time to organise the trip and get the green light from Samoa's health authorities.