Ex-CNMI top cop accuses police administrator of corruption

1:32 pm on 15 May 2017

A former deputy police chief in the Northern Marianas, who has just been convicted of theft, is accusing his former boss and the current police administrator of corruption.

CNMI police car

CNMI police car Photo: Supplied

In an official complaint to the Attorney General's office, Ambrosio Ogumoro accuses James Deleon Guerrero and Kaye Inos, who is the daughter of former governor Eloy Inos, of abusing public funds.

In his complaint, Ogumoro accuses the pair of using more than US$40,000 to go off-island for junket conference and for what he calls a "lovers vacation".

He also claimed inmates admitted to him that Mr Deleon Guerrero used prisoners to tamper with evidence and move them from one police site to another.

Ogumoro was jailed last year on conspiracy charges for shielding the former attorney general, Edward Buckingham, from being served a penal summons in 2012.