22 May 2017

Pacific Search and Rescue conference in NZ for first time

5:56 am on 22 May 2017
5 SQN P-3K2 Orion NZ4204.

Photo: NZ Defence Force / MR Roderick J. Mackenzie

Search and rescue workers hope a gathering in New Zealand this week will help develop a culture of safety across the Pacific.

100 people from 26 countries are expected to attend the Pacific Search and Rescue Conference which opens in Auckland today.

Mike Hill of New Zealand's Rescue Coordination Centre said New Zealand search and rescue authorities wanted to build stronger relationships with Pacific island countries.

He said that would lead into important discussions.

"How do we grow more of a safety culture right across the Pacific so that there's less likelihood of people getting into difficulties. So some of the issues we are dealing with in search and rescue prevention is making sure that there is some sensible planning, that there is safety equipment, through to reasonable forms of communication."

The conference will run until the 26th of May at Auckland's Maritime Museum.