30 May 2017

Pacific SAR officials have strategy to improve effectiveness

2:07 pm on 30 May 2017

The workshop in Auckland for Pacific search and rescue personnel last week led to a plan for each of the member countries to improve their SAR capability.

Pacific search and rescue

Pacific search and rescue Photo: Supplied

The Pacific Search and Rescue Steering Committee developed a strategic plan during the workshop to run through to 2021.

Maritime New Zealand's Mike Hill said the plan has four pillars to improve SAR response.

These are governance, co-ordination, effective operational response and prevention.

He said all 22 member countries and territories have committed to make these improvements.

The SAR professionals from those countries agree and accept that this is the approach that we will have and have agreed that they will work to improve their SAR systems - New Zealand included - under those four limbs of effective SAR.