31 May 2017

Stronger school for Fiji's cyclone-hit Ra

8:53 am on 31 May 2017

Children at a school in Fiji are celebrating the opening of new cyclone resistant classrooms today built with donations from New Zealanders.

Vunikavikaloa Arya School had its roof blown off in Cyclone Winston last year and its 230 pupils have been learning in tents for the past thirteen months.

The Fiji and New Zealand Red Cross have helped rebuild the primary school in Ra which was one of the worst hit areas.

The head teacher Asishwar Prasad said the new stronger building cost about $US240,000.

"We have got a brand new building, beautiful and it's very conducive for learning."

"We have got fans there, we've enough light in there also we have got shutters. They have built better than before," he said.

Asishwar Prasad said the school had managed well over the past year despite the discomfort of tent classrooms in the heat and rain.