Plastic-bag ban to benefit Solomons' tourism

7:53 am on 6 June 2017

The premier of Western Province in Solomon Islands says banning plastic bags will preserve his region's environment for tourism.

Wayne Maepio set up a committee to consider such a ban, saying plastic bag pollution in the province had reached epidemic proportions.

Mr Maepio said the pollution was having an impact on marine life.

"I have to make sure that our islands are clean and conducive to people who come and watch our seas, maybe our fish, our beautiful reefs that can be dived," he said.

"People might enjoy those spectacular seawaters that have not been disturbed by those waste plastics."

Wayne Maepio said the committee was considering regulation to stop plastic bags being brought into the province.

He said people would then be encouraged to use shopping bags made from local materials.

A torn plastic bag drifts over a tropical coral reef causing a hazard to marine life

Photo: 123RF