Sport: Cricket PNG launches domestic comp

1:13 pm on 6 June 2017

Papua New Guinea's top cricketers will get some much needed time in the middle over the coming weeks, with the launch of the HEBOU Shield First Class Competition this week in Port Moresby.

The 2017 domestic competition runs during the week from June to July, featuring the best male and female cricketers in PNG.

The men's competition features two teams: the Hammers and Diggers, and is divided into three-day and 50-over formats at Amini Park.

Jack Vare Kevere (Hammers), Pauke Siaka (Diamonds), Tanya Ruma (Piranas) and Assad Vala (Diggers)

Jack Vare Kevere (Hammers), Pauke Siaka (Diamonds), Tanya Ruma (Piranas) and Assad Vala (Diggers) Photo: Supplied / Cricket PNG

The women's competition includes three teams: Diamonds, Piranas and Sharks and is divided into 40-over and T20 formats at Amini Park 2 (Bisini).

The local competition will pit some of the country's top international players against each other with PNG Barramundis captain Assad Vala and former captain Jack Vare-Kevere leading the Diggers and Hammers squads.

PNG skipper Pauke Siaka will call the shots for the Diamonds, with international teammate Tanya Ruma in charge at the Piranas and Sibona Jimmy captaining the Sharks.