22 Jun 2017

Young girls in Fiji caught in a destructive cycle

10:11 am on 22 June 2017

The high number of teenage pregnancies in Fiji has provoked a response from a community-based outreach.

The social services team leader of Homes of Hope said hearing about a teenage girl falling pregnant was considered normal.

Alita Waqabaca deals with women and girls who are at risk of sexual exploitation.

Ms Waqabaca said this could be why there are high rates of teen pregnancy.

She said there are a number of negative factors that lead women to vulnerable situations.

"We work with community girls, so we see a lot of school dropouts, mainly because of financial difficulties or because of family problems and so the teenage girls have gone and lived with other family members or they've moved from one home to another and somehow they end up in very vulnerable situations," she said.

"Normally exposes them to being vulnerable to being exploited sexually."

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