29 Jun 2017

Plea to Bougainvilleans to all work for common good

1:51 pm on 29 June 2017

The President of Bougainville is calling on everyone in the autonomous Papua New Guinea region to work for the good of all.

President of the autonomous Bougainville government, John Momis.

President of the autonomous Bougainville government, John Momis. Photo: RNZI

John Momis was speaking after the landowner group at the site of the controversial Panguna mine, SML Osikaiyang, opposed the return of Bougainville Copper Ltd.

The SML is backing RTG - a company Mr Momis calls a speculator that has no money to develop the mine.

He said people knew that the vote on independence in two years hinges on whether Bougainville can show "fiscal self-reliance" and this requires everyone to pitch in.

"The ABG as the government has the perspective of making sure that we get the best interests of all the landowners, as well as all Bougainvilleans. Whereas the SML people are just looking at their own selfish, legal interest and they are causing trouble. But we are not going to allow this to keep happening this way because it is time people put aside their selfish interests and worked for the common good of the people of Bougainville."

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