11 Jul 2017

Fiji to introduce plastic bag surcharge

1:43 pm on 11 July 2017

The Fuel Retailers Association in Fiji is preparing to implement a nation-wide surcharge on plastic bags at all convenience stores at service stations from next month.

Blue plastic bag

Photo: 123RF

The Ministry of Fisheries and Forests said the Fuel Retailers Association will introduce a 10 cent surcharge for single use plastic bags at 75 service stations.

The association's secretary, John Philp, said each year approximately four and a half million single use plastic bags are used at convenience stores located at fuel service stations and this move focusses on getting customers to consider their plastic usage and its impact on waterways and marine life.

People are also being encouraged to go a step further by introducing biodegradable plastic bags .

The money collected from the surcharge will go into an environment and climate change fund set up by the government to use for funding environmental projects and activities.