18 Jul 2017

Three candidates likely for New Caledonia Congress presidency

3:41 pm on 18 July 2017

New Caledonia's anti-independence camp has failed to agree on a single candidate for tomorrow's planned election of a new Congress president.

One group, made up of six members and calling itself Caledonian Republicans, has decided to nominate Gregoire Bernut.

This comes after a period of exhortation among loyalists to unite in view of next year's planned independence referendum.

A second group of loyalists has 23 members and includes the Caledonia Together Party, which is the dominant political force.

Its candidate is the incumbent Thierry Santa.

Thierry Santa.

Thierry Santa. Photo: New Caledonia Congress

The pro-independence side is backing Roch Wamytan as its candidate for the Congress presidency.