22 Jul 2017

Dengue fever on the rise in American Samoa

10:01 am on 22 July 2017

Dengue fever is on the increase in American Samoa.

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Photo: 123RF

In the one week period from 6 -17 July there were 43 suspected cases of dengue fever seen at the LBJ hospital and community health centers.

The number of confirmed dengue cases is 15.

Our correspondent says the confirmation is from laboratory work on samples sent to Honolulu for testing.

Physicians at LBJ hospital said they are seeing approx 30-50 cases month with symptoms related to dengue.

A senior nurse told KHJ news that the number of patients with dengue like symptoms or tested positive for dengue, admitted to LBJ per month is 10-15 cases .

Meanwhile due to funding constraints, the Health Department has discontinued its ad campaign on dengue, Zika and other mosquito bourne diseases.

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