3 Aug 2017

BSP Samoa to bring in more security against card scammers

12:40 pm on 3 August 2017

The Bank of the South Pacific is bringing in more security to stop card scammers from stealing money in Samoa.

Two Chinese nationals were convicted last month for "skimming" thousands of dollars from the bank's automatic teller machines.

And a Romanian was in police custody on 40 charges of theft and fraud committed at ATMs in Apia.

The BSP said the bank was working hard to protect customers from such incidents and it was introducing a more secure chip embedded card for Visa and Mastercard.

The management said bank officers regularly check their ATMs for skimming devices used to fraudulently obtain data.

The bank would also increase security measures at Eftpos terminals.

The Samoa Observer said the BSP plans to introduce the new security measure by March next year.