7 Aug 2017

Uncertainty over Guam marijuana programme remains

4:44 am on 7 August 2017

Medical marijuana advocates in Guam are still unsure when a full-scale programme will be up and running, despite recent legislative moves.

Guam's governor Eddie Calvo signed a Bill into law last month which effectively allows the issuing of business licences for medical marijuana.


none Photo: 123.rf

A managing partner for Grassroots Guam, Andrea Pellacani, welcomed the move although she said it still didn't mean people could start growing or selling cannabis.

Ms Pellacani said the law simply allowed people to apply for a licence from the Department of Public Health and Social Services.

"Which make them a legal posessor of cannabis. They now have the business licence that can help them incorporate and help the develop, hire employees and hire consultants and enter into contracts legally as a business. They now have the ability to do that."

Andrea Pellacani said the government still indicated there could be delays in implementing a full programme.

Guam legalised medical marijuana via a referendum in November 2014 with 56 percent voting in favour of it.

However there have been a number of legislative stumbling blocks including a veto from Governor Calvo earlier this year.

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