11 Aug 2017

Small water projects could be used on larger Pacific islands

8:36 am on 11 August 2017

The Pacific Community says water security projects it's running on atolls could be replicated on larger volcanic islands.

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon visited Tebikenikora to discuss local people’s concerns about the effects of climate change on their low-lying land. 05 September 2011

Kiribati's main Tarawa atoll. Photo: UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe

The community's water security coordinator David Hebblethwaite conveyed the message to a conference of the Pacific Water and Wastewater Association, currently underway in Apia.

Mr Hebblewthwaite said the success of projects in atoll countries like Tuvalu and Kiribati could be shared with bigger nations.

"Sharing approaches to drought management, to drinking water safety, to ground water management and management of rain water harvesting, we're hoping that can continue broader than just in the atolls and to some of the smaller communities in the larger countries too."

He hoped successful water security projects could be shared amoung the Pacific Community's 23 member countries.

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