11 Aug 2017

Vanuatu Opposition worried by political lobbying

9:53 am on 11 August 2017

The opposition in Vanuatu says it's concerned by lobbying that preceded last month's presidential election.

Vanuatu’s new president Tallis Obed Moses

Vanuatu’s new president Tallis Obed Moses Photo: RNZI Len Garae

Tallis Obed Moses was installed as president by vote of the Electoral College, replacing Father Baldwin Lonsdale who died in office.

The opposition leader Ishmael Kalsakau said college members were lobbied to elect Mr Moses with the promise that the next head of state would be from Sanma province.

Mr Moses is from Malampa.

Mr Kalsakau said the promise eroded the democratic right of college members to vote for their preferred candidate from 16 people nominated for the role.