16 Aug 2017

Tokelau in dire need of Met Service help

7:39 am on 16 August 2017

Tokelau wants to set up its own weather service after years of relying on forecasts from Fiji and Samoa.

A Tokelau government official, Loia Tausi, has told the 4th Pacific Meteorology Council meeting in Honiara that since New Zealand ended its direct involvement with Tokelau's weather forecasting 30 years ago, Tokelau meteorologists have struggled.

The service has two staff but it primarily relied on Fiji forecasts that are then localised in Samoa and sent to Tokelau.


Tokelau Photo: Supplied

An agreement has been made with Samoa to continue the partnership but Ms Tausi said Tokelau also wants the capability for its own MET office, to provide the atolls with weather and climate information.

She told the meeting, Tokelau needed help with the set-up of basic equipment like automatic weather stations on each of the three atolls.

She said they would also need training and financing to establish the facility.