21 Aug 2017

American Samoans reminded about dengue risks

4:34 pm on 21 August 2017

As children go back to school in American Samoa people are being warned about an ongoing dengue outbreak.


Photo: 123rf

There have been 139 confirmed cases and more than 1,000 suspected cases since November last year when the latest outbreak started.

The Department of Health is also monitoring the dengue situation in neighbouring Samoa where two people are suspected to have died from dengue.

Epidemiologist Magele Scott Anesi has urged people to protect their families.

"The best treatment for dengue is rest if you do have a high fever ... joint pains, rash, a lot of stomach pain, vomiting and things.

"Tylenol is something that would help with the symptoms -Tylenol, rest and lots and lots of fluids."

To alleviate crowding at the territory's LBJ Hospital, residents have been urged to make use of community health centres.