22 Aug 2017

Tonga's Niuafo'ou makes a plea for govt help

11:26 am on 22 August 2017

The people of Niuafo'ou are appealing to the Tongan government to improve infrastructure on the island.

Niuafo'ou's government representative Falati Papani said the airport in Sapa'ata needs upgrading because airplanes can not land when its raining due to flooding.

Mr Papani said Niuafo'ou's wharf comprised of a huge rock that was used to anchor boats, but when they can't make it to shore crews are forced to pass children to locals and throw cargo overboard.

Mr Papani said roads are not properly maintained and there was still no internet access on the island.

Falati Papani said there are resources for the maintenance and upgrading of the airport and the wharf on Niuafo'ou, but they need machinery from Tongatapu to complete the work.

More than 700 people live on Niuafo'ou.