18 Sep 2017

Dumped Nauru magistrate gets top job in Solomons

12:55 pm on 18 September 2017

A female magistrate dumped by Nauru earlier this year has been made Solomon Islands first woman chief magistrate.

Emma Garo, who is a Solomon Islander, was sworn in by the country's Chief Justice, Sir Albert Palmer, at the High Court in Honiara on Friday.

The Solomon Star reported Sir Albert saying it is a fine personal achievement, but Ms Garo also served as a pioneer for women and girls who aspire for higher positions in the judicial field.

The High Court in Honiara, Solomon Islands

The High Court where Emma Garo was sworn in as chief magistrate Photo: RNZI

Ms Garo began her legal career in 2001 as a lawyer in the Public Solicitor's Office and had served provincial magistrates courts.

She was the resident magistrate on Nauru from 2014 until early this year, when her contract was not renewed amid controversy over allegedly lenient sentences given to anti-government protestors.