19 Sep 2017

Highlight on importance of Pacific agriculture in Vanuatu

6:13 am on 19 September 2017

Agriculture is the backbone of the economies of many Pacific nations, but it often does not get a lot of focus.

Vanuatu cattle

Vanuatu cattle Photo: Vanuatu Agriculture Dept

That is the view of the communciations head of the inuagural Pacific Week of Agriculture in Vanuatu in October, Kiery Manassah.

He said they are putting a lot of work into the event, which could bring together up to 200 people from around the Pacific region.

Mr Manassah said it is a sad fact not many people in Pacific countries recognise the importance of agriculture.

"Therefore you know, a lot of focus has been on other sectors," he said.

"So we believe that with the hosting of the first ever Pacific Week of Agriculture, governments in the Pacific would start refocusing their attention on what's very important in terms of getting people involved in the agriculture sector and getting them involved in the economy."