19 Sep 2017

Cook Islands Solicitor General to appeal JP decision

9:01 am on 19 September 2017

The Cook Islands Solicitor General is expected to lodge an appeal today in the High Court to have a decision handed down by a Justice of the Peace overturned.

Lawyer Norman George

Lawyer Norman George Photo: PGA

It is understood to be the first time the Crown Law office has appealed a ruling.

Our correspondent reports the Solicitor General David James is appealing the dismissal without conviction a 21-year old male on a charge of common assault.

Defence lawyer Norman George said the Solicitor General's action undermined his integrity as a senior counsel, the integrity of the Justice of the Peace and the integrity of the Police prosecutor.

It was reported that the dismissed case took a bizarre twist when it was revealed that Police had withheld critical information during the trial which resulted in the dismissal of the defendant.

Police actions during the investigation, the actual trial and after the court case are now being investigated by the Ombudsman Office, Crown Law Office and the Police Standards Unit.