22 Sep 2017

Ha'apai MP tells Governor to stick to role

2:22 pm on 22 September 2017

An MP in the Tongan islands of Ha'apai says the local Governor needs to stay out of development issues.

An Auditor-General's report found Governor Mo'ale Finau acted inappropriately by spending over US$70,000 meant for a community development fund.

Mr Finau said he used the money to beautify and develop Ha'apai.

He said he asked for the funds to bypass the local development committee, including MPs, because in the past the fund had not been used for development.

However, MP Vili Hingano said Mr Finau needs to stick to his role.

"He has no political status having a share for himself and according to the Constitution of Tonga, the role of the Governor is to make sure that the law is applied in Ha'apai. There is no sense of development but to stay within the law and within the regulation of the government."

Vili Hingano said he had used past funding to launch an agricultural programme aimed at getting tractors in every village in Ha'apai.