15 Jan 2018

American Samoa looks to tap into booming wedding market

12:59 pm on 15 January 2018

American Samoa is looking at amending local laws to tap into the Pacific's booming wedding market.

Pacific island wedding

Photo: vladmax/123RF

The governor, Lolo Matalasi Moliga, said legislation would need to be changed to allow foreigners to exchange vows in the territory.

Current law required a foreigner to have a valid immigration ID and a letter from a local sponsor approving the marriage to obtain a marriage license.

There was also a waiting period.

Lolo said for American Samoa to emulate some of the most sought after wedding destinations in the Pacific like Fiji and Samoa, the Visitors Bureau was working closely with the Attorney General's Office.

The bureau's executive director David Vaeafe said the wedding industry was a multi-billion-dollar market in the Pacific.

He said ceremonies could be performed in hotels as well as villages.