23 Feb 2018

Attack on emergency vehicle in Tonga a concern, 'Aho

11:07 am on 23 February 2018
Tonga's National Emergency Management Office director.

Photo: RNZ / Richard Tindiller

Tonga's National Emergency Management Office director says his staff are doing the best they can to get supplies to those who need it after this month's destructive cyclone.

Last Monday Cyclone Gita destroyed houses and crops across large areas of Tongatapu and 'Eua and since then NEMO trying to organise supply drops to the various villages impacted.

However in the early hours of Wednesday morning a rock was thrown at a NEMO truck when returning from distributing aid.

Director Leveni 'Aho said no one was hurt but a complaint had been laid with police.

The truck was unmarked so he said he can't be sure if the damage was targeted.

Mr 'Aho said, in general, people appreciate what they are doing.

"The people of Tonga is supporting, there is of course always speculation here and there that we are not reaching out for everyone. That's understandable. We are trying our best here. It cannot be an even distribution for everybody but at the same time we are trying to reach out to all the affected people," he said.

"By now everyone who urgently needs basic necessities should have been reached but he has encouraged anyone who hasn't to get in contact with his office."

But he adds the incident is still concerning.

"To do an irresponsible act like that you need to be locked up or do something like that but we still go on with our service and we are here to help the people of Tonga overall," he said.