19 Jun 2018

Nauru meeting could expose refugees' plight

9:49 am on 19 June 2018

It is hoped the Pacific Islands Forum Leaders meeting on Nauru will draw attention to the plight of refugees Australia detains there, an advocate says.

Refugees protest on Nauru against offshore processing in defiance of a new law requiring 7 days notice of a protest.

Refugees on Nauru protesting on 7 April 2015 at Anibare camp against offshore processing in defiance of a new law that requires protesters to give seven days notice of any protest and gives the police commissioner sole power to allow a protest, or not. Photo: Supplied by Refugee Action Coalition

The Nauru government is hosting the meeting in September and has waived a controversial visa application fee for journalists who want to enter the country.

Nauru introduced the $US6000 visa application fee four years ago amid focus on Australia's offshore detention camps on the island.

The Refugee Action Coalition's Ian Rintoul said about 930 people, including about 140 children were being held on Nauru.

"It's an issue of Australia and the way in which Australia has tried to draw places like Papua New Guinea and Nauru into undermining the refugee convention," Mr Rintoul said.

"So it is of some concern what is happening in Nauru for the whole of the Pacific and Asia-Pacific region. So we are hoping it does get an airing," he said.

"It is a rare opportunity for international media to have access to Nauru."