13 Oct 2016

SPC helps Pacific curb rhinoceros beetle

From , 4:03 pm on 13 October 2016

The Pacific Community is assisting Samoa and other Pacific countries to curb any resurgence of the coconut rhinoceros beetle.

The pest has had a presence in much of the Pacific, including Samoa, for many years.

SPC, with support from AgResearch New Zealand, has dispatched to Samoa's Ministry of Agriculture 1000 sachets of male aggregate pheromones, called Oryctalure, to trap these beetles, which can cause severe damage when they bore into the crowns of coconut palms to feed on sap.

Coconut palms cover around 30 percent of Samoa's land mass and contribute significantly to the country's economy.

An SPC entomologist, Maclean Vaqalo, spoke to Don Wiseman about the damage the rhinoceros beetle does.

rhinoceros beetle

rhinoceros beetle Photo: Wikimedia