19 Dec 2016

Vanuatu no confidence motions in perspective

From , 4:04 pm on 19 December 2016

A Pacific analyst says the failure of two recent no confidence motions in the Vanuatu government does not emphasise the need for constitutional reform.

One motion was withdrawn and another ruled invalid due to their lack of support in the 52 seat parliament.

Proposed constitutional amendments would change the rules for filing no confidence motions that have defeated five Vanuatu prime ministers over the last 20 years.

Earlier this month, however, the leader of the opposition, Ishmael Kalsakau, withdrew from the committee considering the amendments citing a lack of public consultation.

While this has been previously been a tactic of delaying legislation, the analyst, Dr Tess Newton-Cain told Ben Robinson Drawbridge Mr Kalsakau's concern has basis.

Vanuatu parliament building in the capital Port Vila.

Vanuatu parliament building in the capital Port Vila. Photo: RNZI/ Walter Zweifel