7 Mar 2017

Hatchery to boost Vanuatu sandfish stocks

From , 6:03 am on 7 March 2017

A new hatchery in Vanuatu is aiming to boost the country's near depleted stocks of sandfish with a sustainable model for its commercialisation.

The hatchery opened last week in Havannah Harbour and is the first privately owned and operated sandfish hatchery in Vanuatu.

Sandfish is a type of sea cucumber which is harvested and processed into a dried form called beche-de-mer and traded annually throughout Asia.

Dr Michel Bermudes is the Mariculture and Aquatic Biosecurity Specialist of the Pacific Community and helping with the establishment of the hatchery.

He told Indira Stewart he hopes the hatchery will help manage future trade of beche-de-mer which has been difficult to control in the region.

A beach in Vanuatu.

Photo: RNZI