Australia's apology to Julian Moti QC weak - Author

From , 5:04 am on 19 May 2017

The author of a book about a deported former Solomon Islands attorney general Julian Moti QC says Australia's apology to him was weak.

In its apology, revealed by Mr Moti QC last week, Australia said it regretted that its officials facilitated his unlawful deportation from Solomon Islands to Australia in 2007 to face criminal prosecution.

The case was subsequently thrown out by the High Court.

Susan Merrell, who writes about the ordeal in her book "Redeeming Moti", says Australia's heavy handed and costly pursuit of Mr Moti, who is an Australian citizen, across Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands, constituted the use of criminal charges to effect a political agenda.

Mr Moti had said the apology meant a lot to him only because Australia rarely apologises for its official misdeeds.

But Dr Merrell told Koroi Hawkins, that in light of the High Court decision, Australia did the absolute minimum.

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