22 Jun 2017

Drugs return to PNG hospitals but crisis not over

From , 5:02 am on 22 June 2017

Drug supplies are slowly starting to be restored in Papua New Guinea, easing a nation-wide crisis that has seen some hospitals closed and others driven to the brink.

Hospitals have complained of being under-supplied for months, and that was exacerbated when the government's drug-buying tender lapsed in December with no replacement.

But last week, with hospitals on the brink of collapse and doctors threatening to strike, the government finally stepped up to fix the tender issues.

Mt Hagen Hospital's deputy chief executive David Vorst told Jamie Tahana, drugs are now starting to return to his hospital, which had completely run out of supplies last week.

Mt Hagen Hospital, Papua New Guinea's third-largest, has run out of drugs and medical supplies as a nationwide drug shortage cripples hospitals around the country.

Mt Hagen Hospital in PNG Photo: EMTV